CATSO members are professionals with a Master's Degree or above in a clinical field of study who performed at least 1,000 hours of supervised clinical practice involving both assessment and treatment of people with problem sexual behaviors. Supervision must be provided by professionals with recognized expertise in assessing and treating people with problem sexual behaviors. Members are considered qualified to independently provide specialized assessment and treatment services in the community and are encouraged to identify their CATSO membership to the public.

Commonly asked Questions:

Is Clinical Membership to CATSO a certification?

No. Clinical Membership in CATSO is not a certification or license. Clinical Membership in CATSO indicates fulfilling the requirements for independent practice of specialized sex offender treatment as established by this organization. While some state agencies (e.g., the Judicial Department's Community Support Services Division and the Department of Children & Families) recognize this membership as evidence of clinical competence in this area, membership in the organization is not a form of certification.

Applications to become a CATSO Member please completion the following three documents:

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  1. 2019_MembershipApp56435.docx
  2. Reference Form
  3. Department of Public Safety


Attention: Dr. Lothstein
CATSO Membership Committee
68 South Main Street 
West Hartford, CT  06107

Membership Renewal - please fill out the annual renewal form, along with the $125 Renewal fee to

Eliza Borecka, CATSO Treasurer
1000 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, CT  06484